Thursday, April 24, 2008


I'm really enjoying this not working thing...

Tuesday, Roommate + co-workers let me tag along while rock climbing at Red Rocks Canyon here in town. Beautiful Day.

I'm trying this embedded slide show..lot of pictures I know.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Attacked by a rock. In my way on the trail.
I stumbled.

Well, ok, really I bit it. Hard. Flew flat on my face after scraping a huge chunk out of my knee and forearm and both palms. Ugh . And we were only 2 minutes into the run! Rinsed the dirt off and kept going. About an hour later, I look down and saw the crusty, bloody mess that covered my knee trailing down my leg. A pool of blood in my shoe. Ew.


Friend Now Living Here (+2 kids) stopped by the see me Saturday afternoon. The kids were in the car watching a movie and Friend was trying to talk her son into naptime. I'm not sure when Friend decided to abandon naptime but within seconds she said, "How about riding rides at the penny arcade in Manitou?" She then smiles, looks at me and goes, "Wanna come?" I was slightly hungover from the previous night - see below post - but I rallied. Its hard not to want to spend time with them!

It was such a beautiful day - grabbed my camera and hopped in the mommobile.

There's a penny arcade in Manitou Springs - well, that's misleading, it really should be called the quarter arcade. Anywho. They've got everything you'd see on a boardwalk (without actual boards or a nearby ocean).

Skeeball was dangerous, however. All the balls were being chucked across the room, not exactly rolled up the ramp into the score holes!

Friend and the kids will be leaving the area soon and headed back to the East Coast. Its been such fun getting to know her kids and be able to spend some time with her.


I was a date to a military ball! It was a bit weird, seeing as I used to work with most of these people and here I am in a dress and not dress blues.

We were standing in line at the bar when I heard one of my former troops say "CPT A is here?! Where?!" and we were standing right behind him.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


I am ready for warm weather. You know, to stay! The Garden run this morning was horrible (tummy issues) so I ended up breaking from our 4 person group {the other groups seem to have like 10x more peeps than us!} for a pit stop. Ugh.

Yeah, so today is overcast and chilly. Sister said it snowed in Denver last night. Ugh!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Happy Birthday to Me! So, yesterday was an awesome day! And I get to celebrate my birthday many days this week. I like to think its because I didn't really celebrate my 30th since I was in f*ing Iraq, but mostly its because my friends can't get it together all on one day at one time. But its still fun to have friends who celebrate! yay! But we've got happy hour tomorrow, get together on Saturday, dinner on Sunday...

My birthday day I dragged myself out of bed to run an a$$ kicking run at the Garden of the Gods - B and I committed to doing the Tues/Thur training runs for the 10 miler. I had sushi lunch with Friend Now Living Here (and her adorable son) and Friend with Rhyming Name. Yum. Current Roommate took me for Starbucks and a pedicure. And Boy took me out for a really really nice dinner. And he gave me a nice present. I got two bunches of flowers AND the yearly Mom speech that goes "xx years ago, I brought home a baby girl!"

It was a really good day. Yay!


I spent last weekend in Memphis, Tennessee with my best girl friends from High School. M lives there and is a hematology and oncology fellow at St. Jude's Research Hospital, and E is a speech therapist for Cincinnati Public Schools and we were able to coordinate schedules for a weekend.

Lots of wine drinking, chatting, list making, picture taking. We went for afternoon tea at The Peabody, ate dinner at Spindini and watched the Final Four (at least the game Memphis played), went out on Beale St. M took us on a tour of St. Jude and we met a few of her patients.

Great friends. Great city. Great trip.