Sunday, March 30, 2008

Weekend Update

Yesterday was a really really nice day - but bookended by crap days. (This is all weather-related-freezing rain on Friday and its supposed to snow today!) I can't really say Friday was a crap day, because I signed out of ARMY that afternoon! Yay! I don't have to wear combat boots anymore! All my friends are out of town this weekend (yes, really, all of them) so I think we'll do the "norineoutofARMYparty" when I get my discharge certificate in the mail~May 1st-ish.

I did cook dinner for the Boy friday night...Dad has made this and its been a big hit. And its easy. Dice some tomatoes, throw in some fresh basil and garlic cloves and lots of olive oil in a roasting pan. Cook in oven at 200F for an hour or so. Dad likes to serve over angel hair pasta, but all I had was spaghetti. MMM. Its sooooo good. Fortunately for me, both parents are good cooks, and fortuanetly for my friends, I have learned from them! When people find out I'm half Italian and half Thai, I hear "Ooohh, I love Thai food. Can you cook Thai food?" (mostly I get the "Ah, that's an interesting mix."

Saturday it warmed up to almost 70F and it was just gorgeous! I kicked the Incline's ass (at 40:39) - mostly because I ended up going up by myself. I thought my heart was going to explode! Usually M and I do it and we walk up and chit chat the entire way, taking at least 45-50 mintues, and ending the workout with 32oz margaritas at the local Mexican restaurant. (Yes, I know alcohol is not a recovery drink, but they taste soooo good!) Anyway, Boy and I met with some friends of his and everyone just kinda spread out after we got started. There were a lot of people on the Incline - just such a great day for it.

Last night was nice - the Pink House + 1 went to a coffee shop for some talking and reading. I think its the first time all 3 of us spent some time together (other than walking to church).

I'm meeting Sister later this afternoon for lunch and shopping in Castle Rock (about 1/2way between Denver and Colorado Springs).

And so that's my weekend update.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


Tomorrow is my last day in uniform! I'm so ready to burn my ACUs. But I think I'm even more excited about never having to wear that stupid beret again. Not the best decision concerning headgear, in my opinion.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

St. Patrick's Day

I know, I know, the real day is tomorrow, but yesterday the city hosted a few events.

B and I ran the 5k with T and some other girls - we all gathered at the house and walked the 4 blocks to the park.

We met up with Friend Now Living Here (+ 2 kids) and Friend with Rhyming Name and let the kids go nuts.

bbrrr. It was colder than we wanted, and then it did snow later that day/night. I'm really anxious for spring!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Founders Day

So I went last night to USMA's Founders Day celebration here in town. It was good - the youngest grad ('07) and the oldest grad ('51) each gave speeches with the guest speaker, current Commandant, giving a "State of the Corps". After last night I was thinking about the cadets there now, and those recently graduated. Knowing full well they are entering the Academy during a war, an unpopular one at that, I felt both pride and humility. I felt sadness at the loss of my classmates in Iraq and Afghanistan. I even felt guilty for separating - though I know I shouldn't.

I don't really have anything profound to say or share except listening last night restored my faith in people and in America and in the values of our country. Its been a shock returning to somewhat normalcy and having to deal (and not deal all that well) with American consumerism and "fat and happy" regular folk and everything else. I've not reconciled reality with my expectations of others. Less than one half of one percent of Americans are serving and that truly makes me sad. And what makes me angry is that the rest of the country could really give a crap. How hard is it really to give a crap? Send a Soldier a box of cookies! A letter! Gum! Books! Something! Even expired celebrity gossip magazines! If you want names and address of guys over there, let me know, and I'll gladly pass that along.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Another Friend

Came through Denver and Sister and I were able to have lunch with her!

How to Procrastinate

at a coffee shop.

Go with a Friend.
Sign into Gmail.
Send gmail chat messages to friend sitting next to you.

Ha! So CR and I were giggling at how it shouldn't be that funny to send chat messages when we're an arm's length away from each other. Then another friend's dot turned green too! Then the group chat started. And Friend Sitting Next to me would giggle and then I'd get her message.

ok. so maybe I'm the only one who thinks its funny.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Visit Friends at Work Day

Another Former Roommate is in town visiting and its been so great to catch up with her. Not wanting to waste time, we drove up to see Current Roommate at work. Today, CR was the belay at the climbing wall, and what better way to spend time with friends than to put her to work!

Another friend of ours is the manager at the Title Nine here in Colorado Springs. Yesterday was opening day, so we walked over there to see her and the new store.

My little (ok, not so little) Pink House has seen a lot of girls though it - and friends of girls and friends of friends of girls. My little circle of friends here keeps growing and its seems like wherever I go, I run into someone who knows someone who knows our house.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

i missed my bicycle!

I finally dragged it out of my basement this weekend. And yesterday it was a nice afternoon, so I grabbed the tire pump and some grease for the moving parts and was ready to ride. Took an easy easy 10ish mile spin around the neighborhood - ah! I love love love being on my bike.

Sunday, March 2, 2008


I've spent too much money the past two days registering for events (athletic suffering) this year.

St. Patrick's 5k
Fort Collins Half Marathon
Bolder Boulder
Harvest Moon Half Ironman
Chicago Marathon

I'm also probably going to do the Elephant Rock Century in June and maybe the Garden of the Gods 10-miler. I should throw in an Olympic Distance Tri in there too... haven't decided.

Either way, since I spent $$ registering, I no S*it have to do it!


Colorado Weather

is crazy.

Yesterday it was 74 degrees. Sunny. No wind. Me in sandals, walking around downtown.

Today, blowing snow.